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About the Founder

Nichole Talbott

Nichole Talbott is a Colorado native who moved to the Bay Area in 2011 after finishing her masters program in Arts Educations at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nichole has a career background  in multi-media production where she obtained bachelors degree from Chapman University in Orange, California in , Communications, with an Emphasis in Advertising, concentration in Design. She worked for 8 years in advertising & marketing with non-profits. Feeling unfulfilled she left this profession in 2008 with a strong desire to combine her love of helping people become the best version of themselves, her natural innate ability for teaching and her passion for art. She made the decision to become an arts educator and use the arts a s a catalyst to build community, create opportunity, and make change. 


Nichole has taught or run programs for schools and organizations throughout the Bay.

Teaching Artist WITH

Oakland Leaf

San Francisco Children's Art Center
Richmond Arts Center

Attitudinal Healing Connection (Art Esteem)

Art Teacher at

Unity High Charter School

Semillas Children's School (preschool)

Art Director

Yes Nature to Neighborhoods

Assistant Director

City of Walnut Creek- Center for Community Arts

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As an arts educator I strive to provide a foundation for my students that will help them as they mature as artists and as individuals. My approach to teaching is an inquiry-based model that is based on self-exploration, modeling and guiding. Students are given the space to explore their interests and develop their own ideas. They are challenged to use critical thinking skills to come up with innovative solutions. Creating an safe environment that inspires experimentation, risk taking, working together and building community.
— -Nichole Talbott